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A New Discovery!

OK folks, I don’t know if anyone else has tried anything like this but we had to share this. We are having a brew day today and tasting our last efforts. One of the brew we were tasting was the chocolate milk stoudt. On a whim someone said that we should try it with some vanilla ice cream. We mixed it like a root beer float and stirred until all the ice cream was blended in. It tastes like an iced coffee from a reputable coffee house.Let us know what your think.

the Bushido Brewing Club.

In 1996 I was working at the Bitter End (as the pastry chef), one of the first brewpubs in Texas, and the brewer made a killer Sledgehammer Stout. For the Texas Wine and Food Festival, we served small glasses of his stout topped with my homemade vanilla ice cream - the line for our booth was 100+ for most of the night. The combination of roasty malt, hops, and sweet creamy goodness is pretty hard to beat!

Edit: It was actually 1994. And that was my last professional kitchen job (woohoo!).

Tastes like a wonderful summer treat. Heavy to drink, but tasty.

Thats pretty cool shadetree, I’m with rhunter trying this brew and brewing some more. Cool to hear the story and your experience.

I’m definitely going to try that. Sounds wonderful. 2 food groups at once.


A couple summers ago while enjoying a campfire in the backyard, the missus and I discovered that a marshmallow dunked in a nice malty dark beer before roasting make a wonderful treat.
One marshmallow
One pint of dark ale
One stick
One campfire

Burn a campfire down to where you have nice coals. Carefully push stick through a marshmallow. Dunk marshmallow in dark ale. Roast marshmallow over coals until golden brown or desired color. Allow to cool slightly and enjoy.

haven’t you guys heard of a guiness float? :cheers:

I’m lucky enough to live about 30 minutes from the Two Brothers Brewery and Taphouse in Warrenville, IL.

I had never thought to combine those two before. My wife and I had dinner there one night, and on the dessert menu was a beer float (Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream in a pint of their Northwind Imperial Stout).

I saw someone on here actually say they added vanilla ice cream to their brew for texture.
Maybe make a stout WITH ice cream - pour a pint when it’s complete, and add another scoop! (and then have an angioplasty?)

BVIP + Vanilla ice cream is unbelievable. And only 1200 calories.

It’s called a stout cream float in my house.

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