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A little story one afternoon

The last few days hitting the brown ale and the kolschs. Found a good temp for the brown ale. Had 2 of the brown ales when I got home one afternoon and fell asleep shortly after. …At 8.7%, working in a kitchen and getting up at 2:30AM, that had nothing to do with it at all.

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I’d put money on, you are very busy… Have alot of skin in the game… Not a bunch to spend… Brewing is a great escape… Perhaps an old metaphor… To DV8 from the norm! Sneezles61

To much work we do. Work interference with life. Me had nice brew session saturday. Did a citra ipa. 10 gal. Now busy fermenting. Now 3 days off. Do nothing mayby create a starter for sat brew session but first. A smoke. Coffee. New death angel amon amarth death star riders. Haha special day today me did turn 55

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Happy birthday!

Happy birthday man! A brew or two to celebrate!

Yes Happy Birthday! Sneezles61

Happy birthday! You are catching up to me lol.

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Thanks you all my brew buddys. Bit to early. To drink. Well for me not but the wife dont like it. Drinking to early. Just wait till 12. Burgers and ipa. My gift to my self


Sometimes the basics are the best thing. Happy birthday.

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“It’s five o’clock somewhere!”, Happy Birthday!

Seriously, @wilcolandzaat I can’t remember if all the Lesser Antilles are on Eastern Standard Time?

Happy birthday dude!!!

Is that how that saying is supposed to go? I thought it was supposed to be “noon somewhere”
I guess Einstein’s relativity makes it moot anyway

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Happy Birthday @wilcolandzaat! Enjoy those burgers and brews

happy birthday!!

Nothing like a good IPA and a good cooked to order burger!!..MMMMM

Happy belated birthday!

Same time as. Florida

Was a nice day. Fam came over for lunch. Burgers and beer. At night my wife and my daughter did cook a nice dinner. The guys waiting out side drinking. Pilsner. Ipa. Stout. My stout became a success with the birthday cake. Cake and vanilla choc stout perfect combination


Happy belated birthday.

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