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A little advice

Hello all!
I,m getting ready to brew a Megalodon Imperial Red Ale extract kit next weekend. I was wondering if I skipped the last hop addition if it would throw it to far off… I,m not big on hops and terrible at trying ti fiquere it out. At the same time I realize its a good size brew. Suggestions please… :cheers: Tank

The last hop addition is for the aroma that comes up from the glass to your nose. The first hop addition(s) are for bittering. What can’t you figure out about hops? Figuring how much, weights, of each addition?

You would make beer but you wouldn’t make the Megalodon.

It’s kinda like saying you’re going to make chocolate chip cookies but leave out the chocolate chips.

Leaving out the 10 min addition of Centennial and Cascade would leave out about 20 IBUs and a ton of flavor component. Leaving out some of the 60 min addition would lower the IBU’s even further but then again that is a big beer and you don’t want it to be too sweet. You could look at the BU:GU ratio and use that to help adjust the 60 min addition, but not necessarily the entire beer.

Only you can decide. Plug the recipe into Brewers Friend and modify it until you’re satisfied. If you don’t want to take the time to do that, then you’ll just have to “go with your gut”

I’d suggest making it as-is. I just polished-off my Megalodon, and even with all the hops, it’s still a very malt-forward beer.

I finaly brewed the Megolodon Imperial Red Ale…As stated int he reccipee…Glad I did it this way once I finaly realized how big a berr this was gonna be…Thanks fer the comments…Tank :cheers:

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