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A life for a dead freezer

My kegerator freezer died and I needed a 14cu ft to replace it so my collar would fit. I found a 12cu ft for free so I took it and decided to use it as a freezer for hops, meat, pizzas…ect. Instead of throwing out my dead freezer I set next to the good freezer and piped cold air into it with a temp controlled fan.

The freezer gets down to 26 degrees and the dead freezer gets down to 40. with a little mod I can get both down to freezing but I will hold the dead one at 38 for keg storage.

Nice! On wheels a portable keggerator…


Shooot that turned out great. Maybe add another fan at the bottom to circlulate the cold air better and balance out the two. Nice franken frezzer.

Super idea. Good green solution. What size fan are you using? Thanks

Here are some better pictures, I remembered to hit “save” on my phone this time…

I think I will add another fan to help equalized the pressure, I can feel cold leaking out of the lid when the fan kicks in.

Great idea! I have a chest freezer that I converted into a refrigerator. I am using cobra faucets now but would like to add a wooden collar similar to yours for shank faucets. Is the collar pretty air tight? I keep it in the Florida room (I’m in Ohio). I wouldn’t be concerned in mild to cold weather but it gets blistering hot back there in the summer. I’m sure the compressor would burn up if there was too much leakage.

I have another working freezer in my garage with taps, It only holds 8 kegs and I need space for 15 so the dead freezer is only for storage.

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