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A Hefe with a twist, lemon that is

Hi All, I’ll be brewing a light hefeweizen this weekend and found these at my friendly local Indian grocer. I was wondering if anyone has used them or similar. I cracked one and steeped it in a cup of water yielding a bitter tea.

Also scored some coriander and intend on adding a crushed ounce to the last 10 minutes of boil.

Anyone out there ever taken a route like this and if so what is your opinion. Hoping for a nice light hefe for a hot south Florida day. Thanks, Mike

Couldn’t hurt, right? Give it a go!

If you’re worried about skunking the flavor in an entire batch, buy a 1 gallon jug/carboy from your LHBS and add a little to test it.

If the flavor turns out, scale it to full next time!

Interesting, looks like it has potential. Fresh lemon might be better but give it a shot and let us know. I love checking out the Middle Eastern markets. My last score there were bottles of black currant and raspberry syrup, I just some in 3gal of young lambic for a secondary fermentation. Will have a framboise and a black currant lambic.

You usually will get a kind of lemon-like flavor from some hops. Or at least some homebrewed wheat beers I have will impart that quality. You could also go a shandi route and just pour a little lemonade in the beer. That way, you can drink just hefe or hefe + lemon. If it doesn’t turn out, no problem.

But then again, maybe this will be totally excellent.

Good luck!

First time I’ve ever seen dried lemon; no reason I can think of that it wouldn’t work.

Sorachi ace hops are lemony.

Thanks fellas,
The recipe I’m designing is going to have some perle for bittering and a little saaz toward the end for a mellow aroma. The coriander should shine through nicely and I intend on cracking 3 of these lemons and adding them at 10 minutes. This should impart some flavor but not overtake any other aspect of this creation.

Question; assuming the coriander is pretty aromatic upon cracking them, I might go for an ounce? Any thoughts?

Thanks, Mike

The NB Witbier kit calls for an oz of Coriander @ 10 min, so that should be pretty good.

Is that an ounce, uncracked? Once the coriander is cracked open I wouldn’t use more than 1/2 oz tops.

Then again, I’m pretty leery of coriander in general. The bad stuff tastes like hot dog water.

Well that blows my whole plan of using old hot dog water for the boil. Dammit :cheers:

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