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A good day of brewing!

A couple of firsts for me today…firstly, I brewed two 5-gallon batches in the same day…American Honey Wheat and Innkeeper…and secondly, I used a yeast starter for the first time. I didn’t start out planning to brew both batches; I brewed the wheat early this morning, and decided to brew the Innkeeper this afternoon…and frankly, I’m exhausted…that’s a lot of time in the kitchen!!! Now I’m relaxing with an Irish Red Ale (3rd one) and a bowl of chili…
Happy weekend to all! :cheers:

Nice job - Starter’s made a big difference in my brewing. Always nice to get two beers done in a day as long as you have everything out anyway. I did the Innkeeper today too (along with a Marzen/Octoberfest) - just finished and am having a recovery beverage as well.

Enjoy that! :cheers:

Congrats on the double brew. For the last couple of years, I’ve typically been brewing two beers on a brew day. It’s not easy to get a day available for brewing, so I make the most of it. Yesterday I brewed a Dortmunder and a dark lager.

There is a lot you can do to minimize the work. Think about the process and see just what you can do to combine things.

I typically do double AG batches…but only because I have a 5 gallon pot (my old extract pot) and I need two mashes and two boils for a full batch. It’s usually a good 6-7 hours from start to finish. But, since I do it all in the kitchen the “pain” is minimized. Also, my experience level grew dramatically, so there’s that benefit.

I get as much ready as possible the night before. Permission to use “her” kitchen, notes from previous brew and today’s brew-plan, equipment out, water measured out in the pot and ready for the fire, grain and hops measured, starter ready for pitching at the end of the day…it all helps optimize the process.

congrats on the brews.


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