A filtering?

I was thinking that I want to filter my pre prohibition. I have been watching youtube vidoes. Not sure what micron to use? Is it high the number, more stuff it takes out? And the filter it self. It must made from poly?

They say 1 micron is about the size you want although I haven’t tried it in a long time. Don’t go below .5. The smaller the number, the smaller the opening in the filter so it will remove more stuff. The ones I used were from the hardware store. I ran some sanitizer through first just in case. After use I rinsed it off, put it in a Ziploc and stuck it in the freezer.

Honestly it was a bigger PIA than it was worth. Cold crashing and just waiting for it to settle out works as well or better. A pump would also be easier then just using gravity. If you plan to bottle condition the beer the filter might take out enough yeast so it will not carbonate. Adding yeast back in will work but may re-cloud it.

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I assume you’ll be filtering from one keg to another? Like Mark said, the smaller the micron the more is filtered out. If you have a cloudy beer 1 micron will clog quickly. If that’s the case you’ll need to use a 5 micron then re-filter with a 1 or .5 micron.

Do it cold, pre carbonated, and SLOW.

thank you for all the input. I don’t think that I am going to.

Carbonated? Really? The instructions I’ve seen say filter flat into a keg, then force carb.
I haven’t filtered yet, but flat made some sense to me… Can you elaborate?

I am going to go cold. I am not sure if I am going to bottle or keg yet. If I keg, I was thinking I would use priming sugar to help with CO2. Any suggestions on amount of sugar. I have done this before, but was toooo carbonated. I will say, that I did use the amount that was asked. I like to CO2 naturally, if possible for kegging.

Pre, as in before. :wink:

If you’re going to bottle it I wouldn’t filter. A 1 micron will remove 99% of yeast. And if you’re going to prime with sugar, what’s the point of filtering it?

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Personally I’ve had better success at making clear beer by using gelatin. I add a teaspoon to water, heat in microwave till it’s between 150 - 155 degrees F. Then add it to my keg when the beer is cold. Then I’ll hook it up to my CO2 and carbonate. Get nice clear beer and done it for the last few beers that way.

I have a filter setup and was never happy with it. Beer still came out cloudy even after filtering.

Gelatin is certainly an option. If you want brilliantly clear beer you have to filter it. What size micron filter and what type filter did you use?

I used both a 5 micron and a 1 micron filter.

Really?? Wonder if there was an issue with the actual filter?? Also, they work better if you filter slowly. If you filter fast you are pushing the sediment being filtered through the filter (if that makes sense :smile:)

Ahhhh! I was thinking like preshrunk shirts. Go Home English!

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Filtering is out the window. I was wondering about naturally carbonating keg beer. I might keg some and bottle some. I was thinking that I would bottle some, while waiting for the keg to naturally carbonate.

What’s your reasoning to prime the keg? A lot of good info out there about keg priming.

me use a 2 micron to filter my beer but the last three beers no filtering just buy it at a hardware store four filters 10$ .once done no cleaning just toss it away

To have the beer create its own co2 pressure to draw the beer out. I will have the gas on, but also to see it there any difference in taste. Natural co2 vs bottled.

me just hook the co2 tank on easy

I prime kegs a lot. When kegging twenty gallons at a time there isn’t enough fridge space or regulators to carbonate them all so priming them is easy and they are ready as soon and they are chilled after.

OR, before you reach FG, carefully rack to a keg, and lay it on its side once all sealed up, gently roll whenever you walk by… give it a couple of weeks. This is part of the way ales were carbed many years ago, before CO2 was bottled… Think of it like one big beer bottle… I think if you look for CAMFRA there will be a bunch to help you do natural crabbing in the keg… Sneezles61