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A Dog Stone Victory

I tried a Saison du BUFF yesterday and all I can say is wow. Not for the timid or anyone that doesn’t like “seasoning.” This beer was well pronounced with spices most notably to my pallate; rosemary and thyme. I’ve been mentally conjuring up a session beer with herbal flavors and now I have something to work for. Also the Belgian yeast gives off a very subtle sourness that compliments the herbs. Try one (on a hotter day the better).

I didn’t like it much. Worth a 3oz sample at best, just to try it. But at least the 12oz bottle was only $3.50.

I’m a real saison snob, though. It’s one of my top five styles.

i thought it was pretty good; although i like some of the other collaboration beers more. the ‘juxtaposition black pilsner’ blew my mind. and the ‘more brown than black IPA’ was pretty good too. also a cherry stout that is very nice

overall the collaboration series is pretty interesting. always a funky style, and always great quality

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