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A Discussion with Kristen England (VIDEO)

Northern Brewer hosts a discussion with award-winning homebrewer and soon-to-be professional brewer Kristen England. Brewing TV’s Jake Keeler moderates the Q&A in which England talks about his time spent building recipes for Northern Brewer, the origin of Patersbier, considerations to make between extract and all-grain, fine-tuning your palate and your homebrew, going pro, and we get a look at what beers Pour Decisions Brewing Company will be hitting the market with in the first half of 2012. (Shot December 4, 2011 at Northern Brewer Minneapolis)

Video here: ... n-england/

Darn, I was hoping he’d be wearing his lucha mask.

@BrewingRover – I’ll suggest it to him for a follow-up video!


Great interview. Enjoyed it very much. Hope that BTV will follow up and do more of these videos.

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