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A couple of questions about racking and about a spice ale

First, every batch I’ve brewed so far, except for one, has been dry hopped. I’ve searched the Forum here, but haven’t found the answer I’m looking for. Is there an efficient way to get the hops so make its way to the bottom of the carboy so I’m not inclined to use a screen filter? I’ve waited the said length of a week, and I’m careful in transporting the carboy upstairs to be bottled, it seems to stir up as I siphon to bottle. Any help is appreciated.

Second, I brewed a 5 gallon batch of Christmas Ale I developed. After doing research, I decided to do a spice tea prior to racking to the secondary. My question is should I use a filter screen to get all of the particles out of it, and if so, should all of the flavor still be with the boiled water? I have to make several batches till I found what I thought would be a good ratio of spices to use. Again, thanks to all who may reply.

I use a cold-crash to drop the dryhops - they’ll usually fall first and then the yeast will drop on top making a nice layer that keeps the hops out of the siphon. If you can’t get the fermenter cold, use a hop bag to contain them and you can just pull the hops out when ready to transfer.

Pour the spice tea through a coffee filter and it’ll be fine.

By cold crashing, would letting it out all night outside count? I’ve yet to to set up an old freezer or frig to do that sort of stuff… been wanting one so I could get into some lagers and pilsners…

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