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A cautionary tale on cold crashing and carbonation

I put a mild ale in my garage to cold crash back in early February. What was meant to be a 3 day cold crash turned into 2 months (life got a little crazy for awhile). I live in Minnesota, so the temps were around freezing all that time. When I finally bottled the beer, I moved it indoors. First bottle was pretty good; the next four were completely flat. :frowning:

I took the bottles, turned each one upside down, and gave it a little shake. I put the whole batch in my basement office, which has a water-heated floor. After a few weeks, I tried one out. The carbonation is light, but well within the acceptable profile for this beer. :cheers:

Most of you veterans on the board will not be surprised by any of this, I know. Just wanted to pass it along as a cautionary tale. Don’t be too quick to give up on your beer! And don’t cold crash your beer for two months. :roll:

Hows the clarity? I bet its great.

[quote=“donovan.lambright”]And don’t cold crash your beer for two months.[/quote]It’s called “lagering” once you go past a couple days. :wink: And it’s always a good idea to add a little fresh yeast when you’ve had a beer sit for a while before bottling.

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