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A BIAB Brewday with lots of pictures

Hey Guys,

I’m new to this forum but have been brewing for a few years now and have settled on BIAB as the all grain process that works best for me. I recently moved to 10 gallon batches and took some pictures of my process if anyone wants to check them out.

If you have any questions, I’d be happy to help if I can.



Looks like you have a solid process! I’m a big fan of the no-sparge MIAB.

I’m a fan of ‘dunk-sparge’ BIAB :wink:


Do a lot of people here brew BIAB?

Don’t know if it’s “lots” but there are enough of us around to have a decent conversation about it.

And some arguing about what it should be called… Where is that post anyway, it was entertaining.

I’ll agree to call it “BIAB” when someone actually boils the bag along with the wort, otherwise you’re just mashing in the bag, so it’s “MIAB”. :wink:

Ahhh, gotcha. That makes sense.

Rule no 1: he that starts it, names it. So BIAB is the proper name. :wink:


uh oh, here we go again.

BIAB is for ‘Brew In A Bag’… not boil. At least that’s what I call it.

… poking you with a stick :stuck_out_tongue:

[quote=“dobe12”]BIAB is for ‘Brew In A Bag’… not boil. At least that’s what I call it.[/quote]“Brew” is what you do when you make beer, it’s a brew day after all, not what you do when you mash. So calling a process that includes only the mash is not brewing, it’s just…um…mashing. Just because the guy who originally thought this up named it BIAB doesn’t mean that I have to use the illogical name. That’s like calling an India Black Ale a “CDA”. :wink:

I believe the proper term is “American-Style India Black Ale.” But be careful about that.

Brewing TV Episode 10.

[quote=“brans041”][quote=“Shadetree”]That’s like calling an India Black Ale a “CDA”.[/quote]I believe the proper term is “American-Style India Black Ale.”[/quote]But Noonan named the style “Black IPA” - how dare someone change the name that was given by the creator? :shock:


That was a very well together documentary, thank you for sharing.


Hey now, don’t be name dropping the Cross Dressing Amateurs! They’ll get ya… :wink:

With a 10 gallon batch have you ever tried dunking spent grain bag in 6 gallons of water and make a 5 gallon batch, seems like you might get another low gravity beer out of it. Im all about free session beers.

It must be hell living inside your head.

[quote=“dobe12”]It must be hell living inside your head.[/quote]Nah, just messing around - I couldn’t care less what other people call something. Brew and let brew.

Thanks for the awesome pictures, I did my first BIAB yesterday. Lesson learned about pillow cases, they dont drain worth a SH!T!! Ended up dumping the mash into the mash cooler to do the lautering. Either way, still got 75% efficiency.

What kind of bag do you use?

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