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A bag of hops

Hi girls and guys,

I’m about to brew my second ever batch (the first one worked quite well): Chinook IPA. However, a friend of mine brought to me a big bag of fresh Styria Golding hops. It’s dried, but it is actual leaves and they were picked in 2012 seasons (in Slovenia). Packing is not ideal (essentially a big plastic bag, like the one you get your cannabis in).

So, I was thinking of using those in the Chinook recipe. There is actually a recipe on the web for pure SG IPA, even though some sites say that this is only for flavour and not bittering. SG also have considerably lower alpha acid content.

Original recipe calls for:
1 oz chinook 60 min
0.5 oz chinook 15 min
0.5 oz chinook 1min
1 oz chinook dry hop

I was thinking of replacing this is

1oz chinook 60 min
1 oz SG 15 min
1 oz SG 1 min
1 oz SG dry hop

The idea is that I want to use these hops before they completelly oxidize.

Any ideas/comments/suggestions?


You could always repackage properly so they would last longer. A food saver is a great thing for hops storage.

If you want to use them up, replace the Chinook with Styrians as well. You’ll get a less “biting” bitterness from them.

Styrian Goldings are one of my favorites. They are nice in an English pale ale (Timothy Taylor’s Landlord and Double Diamond are classic examples), Belgian blond/tripel, or Saison. They have kind of a sweet citrus character. I think it makes my Belgians seem slightly sweet when they have finished out very dry.

These will work for bittering, but I usually use East Kent Goldings or Challenger for bittering.

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