$99 Brew cart for smaller batches?

Too small for my needs, but just had a buddy pick one of these up for 5gal batches. Anybody else give one of these a try? He welded another support bracket in the middle of his, but seemed to do the job nicely.

That looks pretty awesome. My only concern would be the 37lb weight capacity (if I am reading that correct). You figure roughly 8.5 lbs/gal for plain old water and you are over 55 lbs of just water with a 6.5 gal starting amount.

I guess the extra support bracket did the trick fr him though. I’m interested to see if anyone else has seen one of these used. It would fit great in my garage.

Yeah, not sure where that capacity level comes from. If you read the review on the site, the reviewer states that he weighs 240lbs and stood on it without issues. While I’m definitely not recommending that kind of weight, it has no problems handling well above the 40lbs stated from what I have seen.

I’d bet that they accidentally put in the weight of it under weight capacity. It looks like it would weigh about that and I’ve never heard of a capacity that goes out to the nearest hundredth of a pound.