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90 schilling

Was thinking if doing a 90 Schilling from extract for one of my next batches and my current set up is a bucket for primary fermentor (the one in the basic kit), and am a little worried cause I can’t put a blow off tube in there. Has anyone done this in a bucket?

I use a blow off every primary and I use a bucket for primary. The way you do this is to use a three piece airlock chop off the bottom “cross” piece making an open stem, remove the cap and the floating “cap” and when you have just the inner stem you can attach any length of 1/2" Inner Diameter tubing.

So three piece goes into grommet - tube goes into blow off jar etc… Done.
When removing the hose to clean I just rinse the assembly good with hot/warm water to remove the tubing otherwise its on there pretty good and I have cracked the inner stem if removing “cold”

I recently brewed 10 gal AG of Jamil’s Scottish Export and fermented it in buckets. I did two 1 L starters, one for each bucket using While Labs WLP028 (Edinburgh Scottish Ale) and fermented at around 62 - 63 which is slightly lower than recommended for this strain. Within 3 days it was within a couple of points of FG. No blowovers. The beer has been kegged for over 2 weeks and it came out very malty with hints of caramel and not sweet at all, simply delicious.

As mentioned, rigging a blow off tube is simple. I prefer to ferment at the very low end of the temp range which I’ve found helps minimize the chances of blow off.

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