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90 min boil?

Well i am doing the Farmhouse Biere de table kit and noticed that its only a 60 min boil with 94% pilsner malt. Do you really think we need to do a 90 min boil? If we have a good hard boil shouldnt 60 be good enough.

I would do a 90 minute with all that pilsner. The extra time will ensure you boiled off all the DMS precursors.

Maybe they’re counting on a little sweetcorn flavor in the beer, its a fairly fruity rustic style. I don’t know that you automatically get DMS in any pils malt based brew at anything under 60min, but there always going to be a chance of something showing up. A good rolling boil of 60min will at least make it possible to drive off all the precursors.

I’ve got a glass of it sitting in front of me right now. I did a 60 minute boil, and I’m not noticing anything off. If it’s there, it’s being overpowered by all the other flavors.

Doing a 60 minute boil doesn’t mean you will end up with DMS or anything else, but you could. For me, I would just rather spend the extra 30 minutes to have piece of mind. I do a 90 minute with just about all my brews, not at all necessary but I feel better about it.

I read on a recent thread, not sure if it was here or not, that some pilsner malts (Best) are fine with a 60 minute boil.

I’ve always done 60 min boils. Not to hijack the thread, but what is the rules of thumb for when to do a 90 vs a 60 min boil? Is it just certain grains or beer styles which might require a longer boil? With a 90 min boil is the first 30 mins boiling time without hops and then a regular hops schedule for the remaining 60 mins?

As always, thanks.

I used 100% weyerman german pils malt once. did a 60min boil. I experienced a lot of DMS flavors. and it was the first time i’ve ever detected DMS in any beer

like cooked cabbage, or sweet corn. very weird and unpleasant

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