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9 Day Fermentation

I brewed the NB Chocolate Milk Stout all grain last Friday evening, and it’s still bubbling away. The bubbles in the airlock are slower, but still present. Is this normal for the fermentation to go on this long. In the past there’s usually no airlock movement this many days later.

The temp. has been 66F-68F, and I used Wyeast NorthWest Ale. I made a 1.5L starter and had to use a blowoff tube for the first 4 days, then switched to an airlock. There was bubbles coming out of the blowoff tube within 6 hours of pitching the yeast.

Should I just leave it and check the gravity after the airlock activity stops?


It’s normal. I’ve had air lock activity way longer than that 3 or 4 weeks . I don’t know what it means.but i would leave it alone for a while. I always leave my beer in the fermenter 21 days and then check it. 9 days is not long enough IMO .

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