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9% alcohol

Im a big fan of dogfish 90 minute ipa its 9% abv but 11 dollars for 4 beers. Is it be possible to get the alcohol that high and still taste decent with extract?

Yes, it is possible to get close with extract. Use 10-20% of rice (or corn) syrup/solids to keep the beer fermentable and being too cloyingly sweet.

Yes, you can get that high with extract. It has been a while since I’ve had that beer, but I recall if being full bodied. I wouldn’t recommend adding sugar to it, but its your beer and you know your process. You could get a really attenuative yeast, make a big starter and let it rip. Most beer yeast will get to 9% with out a problem. You just want to make sure you get some good attenuation here. Plus this is an IPA so you might want to think about what your IBU/SG ratio is going to be.

You know what I mean? Since its an IPA I don;t think having it not finish dry is as big a problem for this style.

Good luck

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