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8 Gallon brew pot?

hello I have a ? about how much can you boil in an 8 gal pot for all grain brewing ???

that would be perfect for 5 gallon batches! IMO 7 gallons is a bit small at times if you’re doing a 90 minute boil, it gets close to boil over right off the bat sometimes. That’s what I use and wish I had that one more gallon.

If you have the money I would suggest going with a bigger kettle, say 15 gals so you can always do a 10 gal batch if you wanted. Then you don’t have to worry as much about boil over if doing a 5 gal.

All-grain doesn’t directly effect the amount you can boil. You will usually need to boil more when all-grain brewing though with full boils of frequently well over 60 minutes to get down to target OG, I wouldn’t try boiling more than about 6.5 gallons in an 8 gallon pot to answer your question…

I just did an extract brew in an 8 gallon canner that I found just laying around. It went fine, but I still wish I had a bit more space. When the time comes to actually lay down money for a proper kettle I’m absolutely going for 10 gallons at least, and maybe 15 gallons.

10 because it will be worth it to have more peace of mind w/r/t boil overs, and maybe also the space to do a longer boil. And 15 because at that point, why not spend a little bit more now and be prepared for when I’m ready to start tackling new things.

I bought a “9” gallon pot and filled to the top, it was really a touch under 8.5 gallons. I wish I went bigger, but it was a pretty good deal. Someday I’ll use it as my mash kettle.

I’ll agree your max starting volume is 6.25 to 6.5 gallons based on my experience using a friends 8ish gallon pot, that’s pushing it and you really have to monitor the beginning of the boil.

I’d go minimum 11 gallons if I were you.

Let me revise my posting; an 8 gallon pot would be good for all grain five gallon batches. Obviously, bigger would give you piece of mind. But you could easily use that size.

I have an 8, 10 and a converted keg.

I brew AG.

First pot was the 8 G. When you need to start with 7 G to account for boil off and maybe doing 5.5 ~ 6 G to also account for DH losses, it gets tight. Doable but, tight. Fermen-Cap IS YOUR FRIEND! :lol:

Personally, if you never plan to go bigger than 5 G, get a 10 G pot. It’s just SOOOOOO much easier. :smiley:

I pretty much just use the 8 G for heating water these days. I did an extract batch on a whim in May for the Big Brew Day and used the 8 G. Worked just fine for that. First time I had used that as a boil kettle in 5 + years.

Go bigger now and save yourself the time and money later.

Good Luck

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