8 days, and still bubbling

I know I should just RDWHAHB, but my Kolsch is still 8 days into fermentation, and still a bubble comes out of the air lock every second or 2. Hasn’t slowed down at all the last few days.

Extract, brewed on 2/24, partial boil, OG 1.049. Sitting in a swamp cooler at a constant external temp of 61. Temp measured by a fermometer.

Just curious as why it is still chugging along. I did have a blow off over night/early morning after brewing. sanitized right when I found out, blow off tube into a bucket of starsan water.

It’s mostly because yeast haven’t mastered the art of learning how to read, so they don’t know what we say they are supposed to do. :smiley:
Seriously, one thing to remember is that the airlock is simply a relief valve for gas, and doesn’t tell you alot by itself as to where you are along the fermentation curve. You definitely need to use a hydrometer(or refractometer) to see what your SG is if you want to know where your fermentation is.
Another thing to remember is that different yeast strains ferment at different rates, depending on temperature.
Looking at the info. you provided, your temp control looks good, and it looks like you did everything well. So, IMO you done good, it’ll turn out fine. I’d let it go another week before even looking at a SG, then check a couple times over 2-3 day period. Then depending how you feel about the primary only vs. secondary debate…

Thanks for confirming what i was thinking. Figured since it is fermenting at a lower temp, it might take a while to finish up. Just not the norm for what I have brewed so far. Was planning to take an SG Wednesday, but I’ll push it back to Saturday or Sunday. Just want to finish up because my “well” has run dry.

Hate it when that happens. :cheers:

At this point I would raise the temperature of your fermenter into the upper 60s to help it finish. For ales I usually go 7 days at 58-60 then bump it up to around 70 for another week or two.[quote=“jabonneau86”]Just want to finish up because my “well” has run dry.[/quote] Kolsch probably isn’t the best beer to brew for a quickie, replenish the stocks batch, I find they’re best after 5-7 weeks of lagering ~35°, but I know where you’re coming from.