750 ml Belgian Style Bottles-Crown finish?

http://www.northernbrewer.com/shop/750- ... inish.html

Can these be capped with the regular crown caps? I want to bottle in some larger bottles(cant afford keg stuff yet) and would prefer not having to buy a corker if possible?

Thanks ahead of time.

Those work with standard crown caps. They also work with corks.

Sweet thanks

Product details recommend a bench capper.

Oh intersting. Any reason you can think of that that would be the suggestion? the height or something makes it awkward maybe?

Wish I had looked at the product description first. It says right there that it works with caps… :oops:

I just grabbed a few of those bottles and my Red Barron capper, and it capped them fine. I’ve used a bench capper with them too, and I haven’t noticed any advantage.