$75 grain mill kits

Wobbles I would definitely be interested. As stated, let us know when production starts!

I’m interested as well. Going to be buying another mill soon, but I can wait to see yours.

Slow going on the trailer. I hope to have it and be stetting it up end of this week or early next week.
Weather has not been going well and I got swamped with a couple things eating up some of my time also.

New member here just had to sign up to get in on this…

Any plans/pricing for 1.5" stainless steel rollers?

I was just planning to order a MM2 with 1/2" drive and 1.5" stainless roller options.
This would facilitate motorized crushing of moistened grain.

No plans yet to do any stainless rollers. I gave them a thought but don’t see any real advantage to them and the materials cost so much more.

Curious why you would want to crush moistened grain?

Well the trailer house is in the yard now, wow what a monster! Somehow it looked smaller on the lot sitting next to all those other newer ones.
Still have to level it out and tie it down, was too cheap (broke) to buy the blocks and pay the $300 extra to have it done.

Wife and I were sick a bit (at different times) so that’s slowed me down a bit this month. Darned cold and flue season! LOL
Hopefully things will go a little faster now but still tons of things to do.

[quote=“Wobbles”]Curious why you would want to crush moistened grain?[/quote]He’s probably conditioning his grain and worried about the rollers getting surface rust.

I just recently got into all grain and am realizing how much you can save when buying in bulk.
I’m very interested when you have everything figured out.