70qt cooler

Is a70qt Coleman Extreme rectangle cooler to big to use for
a mash tun for 5 & 10 gallon batches?
Thanks Ernie

Not in my opinion. I use a 52 qt Extreme and having the extra 4.5 gallons would be nice for 10 gallon batches. Pre-heating would be a must on smaller batches.


or you could get a 62qt cooler that would work for 10 gallon batches

I just got a 70 qt exterme a few batches ago to replace a 52 qt. for 10 and 5 gallon batches. i like it a lot i have been no sparging some 5 gallon batches since it will fit. pre heating is a good idea for 5 gal batches because there will be a signifigant amount of dead space. but definetily not over kill imo.

I’m hope to be changing to all grain here in a couple of months,
will mostly do 5 gal batches,but will be doing some 10 gal batches.
Thanks Ernie

If you buy a well-insulated cooler, there’s really no such thing as “too big” within reason - I mash 5.5-gal batches in a 30-gal cooler on occasion and it works fine.

Should work fine. I ran many 5 and 10gal batches in a 60qt cooler before doing my last upgrade.

You will be golden. I own the same cooler (blue) and have done both 5 and 10 gallon batches. Even did a double batch of barley wine that really tested the cooler out. I always preheat with a gallon of boiling water prior to mashing in.

+1. I have the Coleman 70qt and regularly use it for 5 gal batches; it’s awesome. Minimal heat loss.

I’m putting all my equipment together from scratch,can’t wait till i can go all grain,its killing me to wait!

Somebody just mentioned in another thread that Menard’s was the 70 qt Xtreme cooler on sale for $25. Good price if you are near a Menard’s.

[quote=“Ernie”]I’m putting all my equipment together from scratch,can’t wait till i can go all grain,its killing me to wait![/quote]Why wait? Buy a 10-gal kettle and some nylon paint-strainer bags for mashing and you can be AG brewing your next beer.

Shade–Which 30 gallon do you use?

I have a Coleman Extreme 120 qt cooler, got it at Walmart pretty cheap.

[quote=“Worts_Worth”]Shade–Which 30 gallon do you use?[/quote]This one:

 I have two kegs and the Coleman cooler now,got my brew stand partially built.It won't be long,just hard waiting!  :cheers: