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7 brews in - comparing first brew to last

So, I’m seven brews in and I decided to brew the same extract kit (Dawson’s Multi Grain Red) that I brewed in my debut in homebrewing, to see where I was and what I had learned in comparison. These items are things I learned from reading and searching this forum. Thank you to all! This forum is invaluable!

  1. Boil volume. Changed boil volume from 2 1/2 gal to 3 1/2 gal to utilize as much space as possible in my 5 gal kettle. I actually began doing this a couple of batches in
  2. Added 1/2 LME at 60 min and 1/2 at 15 min, instead of adding all of it at 60 min. The color is much lighter and closer to a red than the first time around
  3. Used Irish Moss in the boil to help clarify. It really works!
  4. Waited until wort was at fermentation temps to pitch, rather than pitching immediately after pouring the wort and additional water into the carboy the first time around
  5. Cracked open a bottle 1 week in to check for carbonation process, rather than waiting the full 2 weeks. IMO, the beer was over carbonated the first time around.

Brews to date:

Dawson’s Multi Grain Red
Sierra Madre Pale Ale
American Wheat (1/2 w/raspberry extract)
Cream Ale
Caribou Slobber (my favorite so far)
St Paul Porter (w/vanilla beans)
Dawson’s Mulit Grain Red #2

I am continuing to experiment and learn new processes, but IMO this kit is much better the second time around thanks to the information on this forum. Love this hobby.

Glad to hear that you are improving your beer. Definitely boil as much wort as you’re comfortable with, it makes a drastic difference in the quality of the beer.

I’ve been brewing for 7 years or so and my favorite recipe is Caribou Slobber, hands down.

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