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6 or 7 ounce bottles

Anybody know a source for smaller bottles? I sometimes brew stronger beers and I’d like to bottle them in a six or seven pounce bottle. Anchor used to put Old Foghorn into a small bottle as did Sierra Nevada with Bigfoot. Six or seven ounces of barley wine or a tripel makes an excellent night cap.

Annapolis Home Brew has some, but they’re expensive ($26.00 for a case of 24) and clear. I’d really like to find brown ones, and of course I’d like them to be cheap.

Not asking for much, am I?

man, and all this time i’m trying to find bigger bottles…I suggest manning up, and drinking a tiny 12 ounce bottle…after leaving some in the bottom so as not to have yeast all through your beer you’re down to 11 ounces anyway.

Little Kings come to mind but don’t remember if they’re twists.

I have a couple dozen clear, 200 mL San Pellegrino bottles that previously held their orange and lemon soda (probably $1 a piece with the soda). I’ve been saving them for a really hefty brew. They’re clear, but I thought it would be neat to dip the bottles in something that block’s the light, yet conserves the bottle’s orange peel texture.

+1 to the san pelligrino bottles. I have been saving those as well for my mead.

I’ve used Coronitas bottles, but they have weak necks, so I bought 175 ml champagne bottles from my LHBS. They’re clear, but I keep them in the box.

There are a few commercial English and Belgian Bottles that are 275 ml which is a little bit over 8 Oz. Scaldis and Scaldis Noel come to mind. If you ever order beer from Belgium, some of them come in small bottles. Rogue’s strong beers come in small bottles too. Ask your friends/club to save these bottles for you or trade for bigger bottles. When I bottle a big beer, I usually cork a few 750 bottles for club meetings, a few 12 Oz bottles for around the house, and some small bottles for a nip before bed after having a pint or two of my house pale ale. It is nice to have a variety.

Old Rasputin comes in smaller bottles doesnt it?

I found two Rogue bottles at a liquor store new my in-laws in KY. It was in a more rural area and the beer was clearly out of date. I didn’t mind as I kept the bottles and brought them home. They are seven oz. bottles, so keep an eye out for them or send an email to Rogue to see where they distributed those.

i also know that a local italian place sells small bottles of 7up/coke. could possibly contact a soda vendor and see if they have any.

I used work in a liquor store in Maple Grove, and a customer brought in a case of 7oz Leinie’s returnables. My buddy who was managing the store at the time set the bottles aside for me, and now they are home for a nice imperial stout.

I miss returnable bottles…

Man, don’t know where you’ll find those. I like my BW and other “big beers” in 750ml bottles.

Where are you located? I have just over 80 bottles that are 8 oz in size, leave a bit of head space and they are right at 7oz’s. They are dark green olive oil bottles, so dark they almost seem brown, they are square at the base and would require corks, but I think that would be cool for a big beer. Anyway, if you want them you can have them for $20, plus you would pay the shipping. If you are interested I will send you a photo. I would say check this route of bottling out, but it is not cheap, $2 a piece for these type of bottles, before any shipping costs?

You can get Dr Pepper bottles in the small 6oz size. Well, at least here in texas you can and they don’t have paper labels either. Costco sells DP occasionally by the case for approx $20.

But…they are clear so best to use if your trying to make a “skunky” BMC clone.


I posted the same question on the forum before I saw this thread. Unfortunately, my searches have not turned up anything and my forum thread did not produce any useful results, either.

It doesn’t look like anyone is selling brown 6-8 oz beer bottles, which is what I’m looking for to bottle a barley wine.

There was one place selling green 6 oz champagne-style bottles, though. ... of-24.html

They won’t serve my purpose, but perhaps they might be good for you?

I do as well.
I still have a case of 7 oz longneck returnables that I got from a bar 35 years ago and I use them for portions of my Barleywine, RIS, and Scotch Ales.

I have a couple cases also of 16 oz returnables (originally from Yuengling, at least 25 years ago) that still see service as well.
I wish that I’d saved more of the 7oz brown longnecks, as well as the 12 oz returnables I had.
The new non-returnable bottles we get these days just seem so flimsy to me…

Thanks all. Doesn’t look good. Many years ago, I worked at a liquor store in Boston and I ordered a case of 24 7 oz bottles of Narragansett “bar bottles”. I had to drink all of that lousy beer, but the bottles were designed to be poured in bars and returned to the brewery, cleaned and refilled, so they were just the thing.

Too bad that doesn’t seem to be done anymore.

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