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6 month in the secondary

I have managed to neglect my brew. It’s been in the secondary for about 6 months. I don’t see any visible nasties and I would like to go ahead and bottle it. Is there anything special I need to do or watch out for? The air lock is still intact.

I’ve had brews in secondary for far longer than that with no problems.
If you’re bottle conditioning it, you might have to add some yeast when you prime and bottle it.

Of course, if you can keg it you don’t need to do anything to it except force carbonate it.

what is the style? I’ve left quite a number bulk aging for 4-12 months with great results. if you want some hop aroma & flavor, you might want to add some dry hops according to the style for 4-7 days.

Thanks for the input guys.
It’s Northern Brewers Petite Saison d’Ete extract kit w/ Safbrew T-58 ale yeast

should be just fine without a dry hop addition! you may need to re-yeast at bottling. enjoy!

+1 for adding some additional yeast for bottling…definitely worth the $1.25 for some Munton’s to make sure instead of popping them open in a few weeks to find them flat.


Thanks guys! I have a 5 gal batch. I’m guessing I just use the same yeast I brewed with originally. Should I add the yeast and priming sugar and bottle imediately or should I give it time to get into action?
Should I use the whole yeast pack?

Forgive my ignorance-it’s only my second batch! Props to all you brewers for sharing your knowledge!

Save some money and just use dry yeast for bottling - US-05 or S-04 work well. Add 1/4 pkg (2-3 g) to the bottling bucket. There’s not enough sugar involved in carbonating to make the yeast reproduce, so there’s no character added to the beer in the bottle.

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