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6 Gallon Carboy


I just got a 6 gallon carboy for $30 plus $10 for shipping on ebay (god this sounds like spam but i’m not the seller). It’s up there, i’m not spamming i just know this stuff can get expensive so giving others a heads up. For me, this is a good deal, everywhere i look i seem to end up with deals closer to the $50 range (with shipping).

I don’t know how NB would like it but it would be cool if we could post deals that we come across on equipment.

You just wasted 10 bucks, they are $30 on amazon and free shipping :wink:

I think i may have seen that one on amazon, in some of the reviews the people said it took a month to receive their carboys. again, my not be the same one your talking about. I also really liked the packaging job on the one on ebay. I know they replace if it breaks but that is a hassle.

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