6.5% abv Belgian blonde

This weekend I was at a local brewery (Luplin Brewing) and had their Belgian blonde that was stated to be 6.5% abv. It was really good. Not to much banana or bubble gum flavor as well as not to strong on clove either.

The point is that, Im not that good at picking out all the nuances that make up different beers. Im not sure if it was an ale yeast or a Belgian yeast etc. I want to brew something similar and am not sure where to start. Most of the recipes I’ve seen are only around 4.5% so I am not sure what I should be adding to bring up the alcohol content yet keeping the pale/cloudy color and not too sweet as I am really partial to pretty potent IPA’s . This would be an extract or partial mash brew. I look forward to your suggestions.

Add sugar to increase abv

I gathered. But should I add wheat dme,Pilsen dme or another type of sugar? I don’t want to over sweeten it.

Sugar from your sugar jar

Most Belgium yeast “is” ale yeast…

If you use a Belgian yeast, which I believe you should, keeping the fermentation on the low end will keep a lot of those esters low. If you want all those esters you would let the temperature rise to the high end during fermentation. I’ve done it both ways and enjoyed the results it’s a matter of taste.