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5th day and no caronation

New to home brewing. Anyway I kegged two brew’s five day’s ago and I have them set at 12 psi. or serving and they don’t seem to cabonate. Do I let them set longer or increase the pressure?

The set it and forget it carbonation method of setting the PSI to your preferred carbonation level for the beer type and leaving it for 2 weeks is believed to be the most reliable method.

Having said that I don’t have the patience in most cases so I’ve used the rapid force carb method described by Dean Palmer and a few others on this forum.

If you search this forum you’ll find many threads on rapid or quick force carbing, ie, rolling, rocking, shaking, connecting the gas to the liquid out side for the first night at 25-30 psi. There are even some youtoube vids on quick force carbing.

Do what works for you and meets your needs! :cheers:

One thing to keep in mind that time is never a constant once preassure and temperature are established. Could be waiting 2 weeks, could be waiting a month before the beer carbonnates to the level you want.

As metioned you can speed this along with a little shaking at higher preasures (or just at regular preasures).

What has been working for me lately…I set to about 20psi over the first day or two. Then release and serve a half pint. It’s usually still undercabonnated. I’ll reset to something like 12-14 psi. Each day I usually seve a little to see where I am. As more space opens up at the top of the keg, the CO2 tends to start disolving a little faster anyway.

After a few days like that, I will set to my serving preasure and serve a pint most days which will still be a little under, but close enough to enjoy. It tends to get where I want in a week or so. Obviously, this means I am drinking some of the beer with less carbonnation than is ideal, but it does not bother me too much.

Only sure fire way to get exact level is to use patience and let it sit for much longer than 5 days.

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