5th annual Between the Bluffs homebrew and wine contest!

Wanted to let everyone know about the Between the Bluffs homebrew and homemade wine contest coming up. Here is a link to the contest rules and entry forms.

Homebrew: http://www.betweenthebluffsbeerfest.com … m-2013.pdf

Wine: http://www.betweenthebluffsbeerfest.com … -20131.pdf


This is a small comp, so if you think you’ve got a winner, here’s your chance to get some well-earned recognition.

Long distance entries welcome, and all entrants will receive BJCP scoring sheets and full notes on their beers. Long distance entries please message me for details.

We still have a few openings for beer judges as well. If you’re a professional brewer, Cicerone, or a BJCP judge, and you’re interested in coming to La Crosse on April 20th to judge some outstanding beers, send me a message. You’ll get one evening free lodging and a fine meal out of the deal.


Just wanted to bump this to the top. We are accepting entries this week. If you need a little extra time just pm myself or Aileinduinn and we can try to work something out.