5hr starter or just pitch vial

I have a buddy coming over and he wants to learn to brew. Looking at an OG of about 1.060. Wasnt planning on brewimg so I didn’t make a starter. Should I start one now and pitch this evening? Or woul it be pointless and I should just pitch my vial?

I would pitch it and go get some backup yeast tomorrow.

Good idea. Thanks.

You could seal the fermentor and pitch your starter tomorrow.

I see I’m a day too late, but this is what I recommend for future reference. I do this frequently during the summer when I can’t cool my wort to yeast pitching temps quickly enough.

The other option is to use dry yeast if you can easily acquire a strain that’s suitable for the beer you’re brewing.

That’s a good idea. As lim as its sanitary, no other risks involved with letting it sit for a night?

No problem. The technique is called, “no chill brewing”, used where no cost efficient method of cooling the wort is available.

Also called “my wort is ready, but my yeast isn’t” delayed pitching. I haven’t let the wort sit more than about 24 hours before pitching, but the few times I’ve done this everything turned out fine.