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58* or 65* : which is better to ferment (US-05)

Hi there,
I am in between temps in the various areas of my house…

in summer, it’s the basement at lower to mid 60’s

last winter, a cold closet upstairs mid to upper 60’s.

but I am thinking,this winter the lower temps may be better?

my basement in now 58-60* and does NOT have the fluctuation of temps that I have upstairs with furnace… it’s dark and quiet down there, just don’t want it to be too cold, is that possible?

I do mostly Ales with US-05 dry.

so, what’s your vote?

cold basement or warmer upstairs?


I ferment in my basement, which is a similar temp to yours. If it gets too cold down there you can put the fermentor in a plastic tub with some water and put a small fish tank heater in the water to warm things up a few degrees.

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the coldest my basement seems to get is about 58* in the dead of the winter.
so I think I’ll be ok then.

it’s easier to have it in the basement bathroom, don’t have to worry about any mess, it’s out of the way.
the only downside is that I have to haul it down there!

and after a few weeks in basement, I can bring it up to finish.

the one really good beer I made last winter in the basement was the German Alt, it really liked those temps to ferment and secondary.


I have used the US 05 many times in the 58-59 degree range. I has worked out fine, just give it a little extra time. I have brought my fermenter to the landing at the top of my basement stairs ( stays in the mid 60’s) and let it finish there for a few days just to clean itself up before transferring.

Good point, once the fermentation starts to slow I will often bring it upstairs to encourage it to finish.

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