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55 gal plastic barrel

These are being sold in my area for $10 or less and my question is, will it work for a fermenting vessel?

They are food grade plastic that once held products from the food industry. I am gathering the equipment for larger than 5 gallon batches and don’t want to split the wort between 2 buckets or carboys.

If they’re food-safe plastic you should be fine - but 55 gallons is pretty big unless you’re going to be fermenting 35-40 gallons.

Thanks for the reply Yug

It is a bit of overkill, but for the price you can’t go wrong. I don’t plan on going that big on batches, but my thought was that I could also use it for a grain storage bin if it didn’t work out as a fermenter.

My concern is how am I going to clean and siphon from it?

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something like this would be nice since they would probably be no fun to sanitize.

im sure you could find a use for one for ten bucks. rain barrel, kegerator, grain storage,

Just drill a hole for a drain and put a ball valve on it. Cleaning is the bigger issue. CIP ball? Do you have a pump?

No pump. I was thinking about a hole for a ball valve too. Doesn’t look like anyone else here has used these before.

I guess for cleaning, I could attach a carboy brush to fishsticks or something like that.

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