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5 or 7 cuft?

Hi All,
Who operates a 5 cuft keezer, are you happy with the size and what do you/can you typically stock? The one I looked at will hold 2 corny’s and with a little finagling, I’d think it can also accomodate a 5lb tank and maybe a carboy or maybe a 3 gal corny (those items would go on the step up). It seems to make more sense to go 7 even though I don’t have much outside room to work with in my garage. Space is an issue.

My 8.8cf. ^^^^. It’s SMALLER than I expected. :?


Go bigger. I have an 8.something and it would fit 5 with co2 tank. Plus open space on hump I just bought a 14.something that will fit 8 or so. You’ll wish you had mire space once you buy the small one.

I guess I knew the answer. I can do a 7cuft. That will allow 3 corny’s, tank and fermenter. It will have to do. Thanks.

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