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5 mo. Old Caribou Slober

About to try my five mo. Conditioned Caribou Slober… The sad thing is, I only have five more. This was my first brew, and oddly enough, it’s been my favorite!!! However , just bottled my Kama Citra today… Can’t wait!! It’s amazing… You start this hobby and ya think five gal of beer is a lot… Just waiting on funding to get my keg system and go to 10 gal!!

I thought my first brew was my best untill I made my second. :blush:

Not the best… Just my favorite!! I did an ESB, a kolsch zested w orange and now the Kama Citra… Love the slobber… Looking for some kind of stout next.

Wow! This is not the beer I brewed!!! So much more flavor over the months!!! Now I can’t wait to see what 8 months has to offer! Will definitely be brewing this again. This time I’ll just tuck it away for a while. Cheers!

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