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5 gallons in a 6 gallon primary?

Greetings. I am brewing my first batch of hard cider - started Monday - and I have 5 gallons in a 6 gallon carboy. I started off the first three days w/ a blow-by with some “krausen” coming up and out. Now that it has settled - I have a lot of head space. I do have a bubbler on - and it is still bubbling - just not foaming. Should I transfer it to a secondary 5 gallon - or wait until fermentation is done?

OG was at 1.045 and temp is 58 degrees.


I would give it at LEAST 4 weeks in the primary. Wine yeast moves slower then beer yeast.

Also when making hard cider, you will not get a lot of krausen, as there is very little protein and trub to help for a krausen.

Thanks for the reply gregscsu!

By “krausen” I guess I meant “foam” - that’s why I but “krausen” in quotes - I’m a first time hard cider nob…

Any idea what I would want my og to get down to?

Thanks again!

It depends on what type of cider you want.

If you just let it ferment all the way for a dry cider, I would guess your FG would be below 1.000.

If you want a sweet cider you will need to stop fermentation at your desired sweetness with some camden tabs or the such.

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