5 gallon pots

I have two different equipment questions. First, does the group have any good suggestions for a decent quality 5 gallon (20qt) pot? Not quite looking to step up to the 8 gallon big guys yet as I will still be doing stove top boils, but looking to do my first 5 gallon batches (with the 2.5 gallon boil). My existing 3 gallon pot I have been using for my small batches obviously won’t cut it. The economy one NB has seems to be pretty thin (could easily flex when I was in store), so looking for a bit of a step up.

Second item may not exist, but wanted to see how people have delt. With my small batches, I have left them on the counter to monitor for any blowoff issues, with the hose just in a regular cup. Going to 5 gallons, the fermentor will be on the floor. I am concerned with my son or dog messing with the container that the hose would be in. Are there any off the shelf items that exist that would “seal” the blowoff bucket (possibly with an additional stopper for the air flow)? Or is my best bet just to find a bucket with a lid that I can cut a hole in for the hose, and some smaller holes for airflow (like an old gallon ice cream bucket or something)?

I bought a 5.5 gallon stainless steel kettle with a one-half inch clad bottom at Walmart a number of years ago. Cost $62. No scorching and cook a lot of other things rather than just wort in it.

You may need a more dedicated space for 5 gallon fermentations. Temperature control with at least a swamp cooler set up is going to be necessary unless you only brew styles which ferment at high temperatures. Do you have an available crib or baby’s play pen to keep the fermentor in?

One thing to note is that it seems that you plan to upgrade later, rather it be sooner or later. If that’s the case take the bullet and buy at least an 8gal pot and an immersion chiller and do full boils. Your beer and taste buds will thank you.

@flars is correct in that 5gal batches require much better fermentation control. I would try to find an area that is out of reach of the youngster and man’s best friend and ferment in a nice cool spot. Check into swamp coolers for an cheap way to control those temps.

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i did make a jar for blowover did cut holes in the top for gas escape did clue the hose in and did use a cabble tie to secure the top . my beer room i did lock it so nobody comes in my mencave when i am not home. and to keep temp down a swampcooler i do use. cooking pot did some research . and did find a 20 gallon pot here on island got a super deal price wise and no issue with possible boil over. well i hope.

For the 20 qt pot, I have a nice Hamilton Beach stock pot, that I got a few years ago. (sorry I can’t find the link)
It serves me well for 5-gallon, non-full boil, extract batches. but mostly I use it now for 3-gallon all-grain batches.

For the fermenter, get a chest freezer and a temp controller.