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5 gallon cooler mash tun for sale

Have a 5 gallon igloo cooler with false bottom setup for sale in the Akron, OH area. False bottom is from AIH

You might want to put what you want for it and if you would consider shipping it

Changing up your brew system? Sneezles61

@sneezles61 yes I picked up a Brew Bag and pulley system. I decided a few weeks ago I was switching to BIAB to cut down on time when I ever get a chance to brew again. Also looking to reduce the amount of equipment.

If I was decided I would ship I wouldn’t include the igloo cooler and just ship the SS false bottom, ball valve and hardware. Thinking local would be ideal. I paid $69.99 for the hardware from Adventures in Homebrewing and probably a little more than $20 on the Lowe’s igloo.

Hardware is all SS so it’s still in perfect condition. I would say make an offer. If it’s someone local I’d throw in another 5 gallon igloo cooler that I planned on using for a HLT. Needs a bulkhead just has drink spout that it came with.

You’ll have to double check how much grain you can mash with it. I don’t know without searching but there’s a table or info on the web. Average gravity beers are no problem might be more of an issue with high gravity batches. Also depends on batch size.

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You might hang on to the cooler and do a dunk sparge. I Biab in my cooler then dunk sparge in my brew pot while I drain the cooler into the pot.

Can you explain? Are you not full volume BIAB ing in the cooler and heating the remaining volume in the kettle? Then dunking in heated water before transferring the wort from the cooler?

Exactly. Get about 85% extraction

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