5 gallon brew extract brewing

how you all doing
me new to brewing did about 17 batches now all extract kit brewing.
now last two batches i did its together with a all grain brewer
reason i do not brew all grain i do live on a tropical island and shipping of grains to expensive.
but my question in stead of 2.5 gal water i do use 5 gal water. and steep the grains in a different brewing pot using 1/2 gal water
did find out dont have to put extra water in the fermenting bucket
as well do late lme about 15 min before the end of the boil together with the irish moss

any other brewers around wh do the same thing

What I did when I used to do full boil extract brewing was steep the grains in 1/2-1 gallon of water, put the bag of specialty grains in a strainer over my boil kettle after pouring the steeped water into the boil kettle and then rinsing the grain bag with another 1/2 gallon of 170 degree water. My 10 gallon kettle has an evaporation rate of roughly 1 gallon per hour so my goal at the time was roughly 6.5 total gallons of water at the start of the boil. Depending on the volume of your LME, the water volume would need to be reduced by the total volume of LME you are adding. Late LME addition will typically help keep your beer lighter in color although I believe you do need some extract in the boil for proper hop extraction so I wouldn’t hold all of it until the end. The only other thing you may want to change with a full boil is to reduce your bittering hop addition by 15-20%. I like beer on the more bitter side so I usually just used the full addition that the kit specified.


now i still use the dme and bit of lme in the beginning only use one can or bag of lme on the end so it does not get to dark . it did seem to help .as well adding the fluid after steeping the grains in a different boil kettle seems to help i still end up with 5 gal when i do transfer maybe good idea to steep in more water and transfer this