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4.75 GL Pin Keg?

My buddy came across a Pin keg that says it is 4.75 gallon capacity. Has anyone heard of this? I thought all Pin kegs were 5 gallon?? I was going to swap with him a few spare ball lock kegs for them, but now i don’t know if i want to because they may be a smaller size.


I know with a lot of the Corny kegs, the gas-in tube is about 1 inch below the removable lid. So, perhaps they were talking about useable volume?

Some people don’t want to fill their keg to the absolute highest point in the keg, because they beer can get in the gas-in line.

If that’s the case, a 12oz bottle would not have 12’oz of liquid in it.

I understand that the picnic coolers we use may be labeled for the less than sable lid space, that is a different item. You are not purchasing a produce in that space.

Take a look at the time and give us more information.

Some pin- locks are 22" tall and some are 23". Maybe the 22" only holds 4.75? 1 inch is about a quart.

I found more info on the kegs, they actually are smaller than the traditional 5gl pin-lock keg. They are the same width but about two inches shorter. I passed on them.

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