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3yr old CTZ hop bine went hermie on me - What to do?

First time in 16yrs of growing hops this has happended. I have 2 other female bines on the property some 150 feet away. Should I cull this root . I cant figure out why it would be stressed out this season ?

Mine has done that for the 6 or 7 years since I’ve had it, except for last year. It was very hot and dry and I don’t think I saw one cluster of male bloom. I just write it off as to the fact that anything BUT hot and dry is considered stress to that variety. I wouldn’t worry about it as any pollen they may nproduce won’t produce viable seeds, at least no seedlings have come up in my garden.

My Zeus has done that a couple of times, with no negative results. But last year, it seemed that it spread over to my Cascades as well. Strange. Either way, the hops were fine, with no seeds. I agree that it comes from stress. Last year was a terrible drought year here.

Yea, drought here to last yr, and this year we are 12 " of rain over the average . I will just let it ride


I think this can happen when a plant is stressed, sounds like CTZ is more prone though. I haven’t seen this on my Columbus. The last two summers couldn’t have been more different here in MO. I’m thinking some of the stress of the heat and drought last summer, may be manifesting itself in plants this year.

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