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3oz hop addition

Hi All,
I’m brewin a batch on Sunday and at flame out adding an ounce of crystal and an ounce of cascade. For sh!ts and giggles this morning when I was weighing out my pellets, I added an ounce of super galena to my flame out. I was wondering if this is overkill or waste or beneficial. At the very least I’ll drop the 2 C’s. Was just looking for opinions.
Thanks, Mike

Ive never used super galena but my mentakity is always just go for it. You can save a bottle, do it different next time and compare.

Well since it’s already weighed out are you really going to put them back if someone tells you too? Just do it! Every time I come here with a idea for a personal touch on a beer and someone says “well if it were me I wouldn’t do it” or “that’s out of style” I typically do it anyways.

IO personally prefer a 5min addition but its probably not a huge difference depending on how quickly you chill. Great aroma is a wonderful thing for a beer. Hope you adequately bittered and had a decent flavor addition too.

I used a total of 8oz of hops in my last IPA, 2oz at 60 and 3oz each at 15 and 5. I’m anxious to see how it came out. Good luck with yours.

Gents, you confirmed what I’ve been thinking :slight_smile: It would be ashame to NOT use it all. My anticipated IBU’s is on the low end of 40 and I’m hoping for a quasi Dale’s/SN Pale ale. My bittering is Super G and Perle. .8 oz at 10 minutes of crystal/cascade and .8 oz at 5 minutes of the same and then the 3 oz bombardment of aroma at zero. Golden Promise, Munich and English medium all delightfully devoured by US-05. I’m psyched.

If you want to improvise with hop additions, the later in the boil you do it, the more forgiving it is. an extra ounce at the start of the boil might ruin a beer. An extra oz at flameout is low-risk.

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