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3gal batch?

Hello I am trying to figure out what amount of fruit purée to add for a 3gal batch of beer. Now I hear it something like 1lbs of fruit per gallon but how would one weight out the fruit purée?

Get yourself a scale. they aren’t very expensive and useful for all sorts of things

Brothers and sisters don’t always get along now, do they? Sneezles61

I deleted the previous post. Having a bad day @sneezles61 ?

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You may not always get along but being civil is better than being rude. Not everyone has the experience brewing as alot of us here do. I am always glad to help newer brewers and give them the best advise to my knowledge of home brewing. Thats what makes our forum great no matter the question there is always some one happy to answer it and help each other out. (Hardbrewer123) Sneezles is a great contributor to this forum and is very knowledgeable about home brewing. Don’t let a bad day keep you away from the fourm and pass judgement on some one with more to offer than he might realize when having a bad day.

We worked this out and all is well.


Still wondering about the weight. How much does puree weigh per gallon. I just used some puree that came in a bag I just weighed the bag. What if it was canned and only offered the volume how would I know how many cans to order

The cans I use are measured by weight. But you could do a fluid oz to weight conversion and be close

The way i did empty a can of frozen fruit. Weigh the fruit first. Than the empty can. So ican take the weight of the empty can of the total weight. Of the fruit. Not excact. Sience. But put me in a sort of weight range. Easy way calculate. Oz or grams. To lbs

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I think that is a smart way to figure the weight. If you use the same brand/size the next time the weight of the can should be the same.


Take a measuring cup, put it on your scale… zero it out, then put in a fluid cup of fruit of any sort… You’d have the basis for your knowledge… You may need to repeat this for various fruits/manufacturers… Sneezles61

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