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3726 and fresh ginger

I will be brewing another saison using the wyeast private collection 3726 (just became available here and I’ve never used it) and fresh ginger.

First, does anyone have some guidance for me in using 3726 – pitching and fermentation temps, oxygenation, does it slow down like 3724, and any other help on how to get the best out of this yeast. BTW, I did contact wyeast, but got prompt but minimal help.

Can you tell me how the taste compares to other saison yeasts and any suggestions about appropriate recipes for 3726?

Second, in “Farmhouse Ales”, they refer to spicing and give some parameters for using spices such as ground ginger, but I’m wondering if anyone can suggest how to convert amount of ground ginger to amount of fresh ginger to achieve similar spicing results.


You won’t have any problem with 3726. IME, no need for extreme temperatures or long fermentation schedules. I fermented mine in the high 60s/low 70s. At those temperatures, I found 3726 fruitier and more wit-like than the other saison yeasts. Not as dry or as peppery as the others. Next time, I’d actually like to try it at a lower temp, like 60-62F, to see if I could minimize the fruitiness.

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