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31 beers

Did brew till now 31 beers and still. Improving. So much fun drinking your own brew and a good taste. In a few months. Time to make the big step all grain. Now firts thursday or friday. Our own created recipy. A mayhem double ipa brew session

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It’s not that big of a step really. You just need some more equipment. All grain is really making beer IMO. Extract is just cooking and fermenting. But then again the only extract I ever did was a free kit so I don’t have much expierience but I just remember having to follow the directions and not look up. Actually it’s the only kit I ever brewed also. And once you go all grain kits really don’t make sense since you would have to adjust the recipe for your own system. I’ve borrowed recipes from kits and have had to change the recipes to get the same results. I think they only use 65% efficiency which is a lot lower than I get.

Looking what kind of brewing system we gonna use. On my extract brewing do tweak. And change some ingredients. The water as well 5gal boil. And i do steep the grains separate before i do add them

Try to determine where you want to take your AG brewing. It’s much cheaper to buy upfront rather than upgrading and buying it again. Things to consider:

  1. what size batches
  2. do you plan on doing step mashes
  3. do you want to direct fire your vessels
  4. considering brew in a bag

Gonna buy a compleet new system. Every thing at once. So we are not later. Have to add more things. But for sure. All grain. Not bib. Only thing. Got to figur out. The grains. Mill our self. Or crushed grains. Me. Leaning towards crushed grains. Today. A brewers. Meet. With my buddy. Having a few cold ones. Will gives us wise choises

Batch sparge? Fly sparge? I personally like milling grain. Could save you a little by shipping large sacks of grain and storing them, then grinding at the last minute.

Try to find out wich way of brewing. We gonna do. A talk tonight on how or what. Got few kits left. And a order on the way ones thats gonne. We make the change

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Don’t forget to check on bulk bags of grain, way out there in the middle of an ocean…. Smaller goods may be cheaper, then to increase, well, they may have you by the:dizzy_face:, aint going there…. Sneezles61

Yeah sneezles know what ya mean small boxes and products way cheaper. Than bulk. But shipping takes long time. But at least my brew buddy and i are on the same level now ready to take the next step up

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Think it gonna be batch sparch. But still doing lots of research. Did pick up the book again from john palmer. Try to find wisdom

Dont fergit Denny’s homebrew page… Seems to me he’s the Guru to batch sparging… Not endorsing, just saying a fact. Sneezles61

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I think you’d be better off crushing yourself. If I remember right it takes months to get you orders delivered. I think it’s best to use the grains shortly after they’re crushed.

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Still trying to figure out on how we gonna use the grains. Crushed or bulk. No big deal i can store them in large bins. Chrused bags of grains bit easy. Shipping wise it takes about 7 weeks to get products here on island actually just get a call from the local shipping agent. A order did arive yesterday. Can pick up next week. Pfff shipping cost 409$

I just love the smell of crushing my own grains adds another level of enjoyment to the process. If i wanted to just make beer i could just do extract but I really enjoy the whole process and crushing is part of it


Yikes! Is that really your shipping cost??? Or is that the total order? (Hopefully of all the All grain equipment your buying).

No no thats only the shipping and handeling from miami by boat to bonaire

US dollars? Crap…

Hope you plan to stay with this hobby for awhile!! You’ll have to make a few batches to defray that cost!:smiley:

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I would consider growing my own malt and hops at that price!:scream:

Yeah this is fun stuff brewing drinking a cold one with my brew buddy. Gonna stay brewing for a while nothing beter sharing your own brews

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