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3068 did it to me again

Weihenstephan Weizen yeast in a simple 60/40 ish wheat beer blew out the conical and onto the floor. This is with only abut 10 gallons in a 12 gallon fermenter. A blow off tube didn’t help but I use a small tube. Next step is to drill out the lid to accommodate a large tube.

I love this yeast. It goes very fast and the banana/clove flavor is so unusual it makes for an interesting brew.

What temp was it fermenting at? It is a monster, but can be held in check with lower ferm temps… which is how I prefer it anyway. Others like to ferment warm though.

Mid 60s is best I can do this time of year for such a large fermeter this time of year. That is almost the low end for 3068 so it should come out OK.
“Temperature Range: 64-75° F (18-24° C)”

It’s a hard one to control. I’ve had it blowing out the airlock, but the stopper hung on. Went to pull it out for a blow-off tube, and it sprayed me and the ceiling.

I love this yeast, but find that it creates a very strong kreusen. By strong, I mean that the strength of the bubbles is far higher than other yeasts. Since the bubbles won’t break easily, the head builds to enormous levels. You either need a huge headspace or plan for a method to allow easy top-cropping (Burton Union?).

I’ve had the same experience… This is one of the beers that made me go with Fermcap-S, now I use it on everything (including starters). It’s a floor, carpet, stove, and ceiling saver. 8)

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