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3000mL flask?

Hello I been looking for a bigger flask for yeast starter’s for 5gal batches an I found a 3000mL flask an I am wondering if the 3L size has room enough for 2L starter’s?

That’s not much head space for a 2L starter. Especially for an aggressive yeast like a wheat yeast.

A liter of head space plus the neck of the flask should do it. Though there may be some chance of a minor overflow with hyper active yeasts like WY 3068.

How about a 1 gallon glass carboy? NB sells them with cap and airlock for less than $9.00. You’d need to boil and cool your wort in a pot first before using it as it will not take the heat like a flask, but it’s a cheap option.


And works great for shaking the bejeez out of wort.

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Unless you’re using a stir plate I recommend the same, 1 gal glass or plastic water jug (cheap on Amazon) or 2 gal plastic water jug for bigger starters.

And I thought we were shaking the bejeezus INTO it? Why not go buy a gallon jug of wine and drink it… Then you’ll have a nasty headache, and a gallon starter jug… Sneezles61

Challenge Accepted!

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I did that 3 times!! :sleeping: Sneezles61

I frequently use a 1 gallon wine jug (emptied of course :wine_glass:) on a stir plate when I have a big starter. The trick is to use another magnet to center the stir bar. Pull that magnet down and away. Then place the jug on the (powered off) stir plate. Then turn the stir plate on slow. You can increase the speed from there if you want.

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