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3 tier brew sculpture

Hello everyone, this is my first post, building a 3 tier slotted steel sculpture, I have two 10" banjo burners, I’m going to run LP line from the burners to a ball valve at a tee, then to the tank. The connection at the burners is 1/4"NPT, What size LP line should I run from each burner to the valve and do I use the same size Tee??? Didn’t know if I needed something bigger like 3/8 or 1/2??? Thanks

i think i used 3/8th. but my burner for the BK is the same. the one for the hot liquor tank is just 1/4 so that is what it got.

I used 3/8 on mine, but 1/4 should work fine. I started with ball valves, but replaced them with needle valves. They’re easier to light and dial in the flame.

+1 on needle valves. I didn’t start with anything else, but I had read that people really liked having the ability to fine tune the flame…more specifically with the big 11inch Banjo Burners that we have.
I definitely wouldn’t bother with 1/2" - I had that same thought, and my father-in-law steered me away saying it would be overkill.

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