3 Piece Ball Valve a waste?

I have been wondering about what people’s thoughts were on the blichman three piece ball valves. Are they really necessary, seems like it would be a great pain to have a) buy them as they are costly and b) break them all down after brewing.


never used them but I kind of feel the same way.

These guys have the best price on Ball valves in three piece SS http://store.proflowdynamics.com/module … C12074.cfm This is all of their homebrew stuff just scroll down.

Whatever kind you use, you should realize that there is a lot of chance for gunk to build up in them, so either type needs to be broken down and cleaned periodically - especially those on a mash tun; I was very surprised how much gunk built up in mine over a couple years. It is now part of my periodic “deep cleaning”! (Every couple months,if time allows, but at least quarterly).


I have one on my BK, but not really necessary. They aren’t hard to take apart, though.

I just checked out GoldenChild’s link, great deals.

I prefer the 3 piece ball valves for the ease of cleaning.

Goldenchild’s link makes the using them seem a lot better. $25 for a blichman is pretty crazy. I’m building a single tier so you can see why i would not look forward to using them.