3 Ounces of Rye?

Hi All, I’m making a low gravity pale ale and I have about 3 ounces of rye which would equate to about 2% of the bill. Do you think it would have any taste impact? 85% 2row, 8%carapils and 5% crystal. Just thought I’d use it up… Thoughts?

Just toss it in. Not going to get much of anything out of it in any beer so even if you get a tiny hint an APA would be a good way to go. I like the rye kick so I’ve used anywhere from 15-30% in beers before and actually have a amber rye ready to be brewed today.

At 2% it will have zero impact. You really need 25% or more to have any flavor impacts.

I remember Denny saying something like it needs to be at least 18% of the grainbill to have any flavor impact. But 25% will get ya there, I’m sure!

Yea, I remember Denny’s comment too. It seems a waste to add it but it’s also ashame it’s wasting away in the freezer. Might just toss it in for sh!t’s and grins…

I don’t think it’s a shame at all. It’s not going to hurt anything and but at least it’s getting used

I like your thinking :slight_smile:

It could add a little body.

Um…I agree 3oz is not going to impact anything, but in no way do you need 25% to impact taste. I used 10% and you can taste the rye.

That 3oz had a definite effect. It caused me to brew a rye IPA on Saturday. I used 22% rye malt. Produced a great thick wort.


Or, should I say, thick and earthy…